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holiday in Dryanovo
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It is located to the Dryanovo Monastery, 4 km from the town of Dryanovo, in the micro-region between Dolni Varpishta canyon and river valleys and Andaka Dryanovo River. Characterized by a higher attractiveness of inanimate nature. At a small distance one can see quite different phenomena relief - rocky walls, rock recesses laminated feet, several types of caves (dry and water, horizontal and vertical), thresholds, waterfalls and unique evorzionni boilers impressive boulders and currencies zhdrelovidni valley areas, whirlpools, hollows, trucks and karst fields and others. With its impressive specificity features 250-meter stretch of river Andaka - a typical cascade type uves. The altitude varies between 270 and 510 meter Dryanovo Eco is characterized by well pronounced biodiversity. In the region of Dolni Varpishta in strong sedimentation whirlpool with equal bottom occurs and typical marsh vegetation. Impressive is the presence of old trees - oak, hornbeam, linden and beech vegetation - only 350-400 m altitude.