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holiday in Trigrad
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Majestic and impressive with its beauty Gorge is situated along the river Trigradska 2 km below Trigrad, on the road, with Devin. Trigrad. Main part of the gorge extends for 2-3 km along the river, as both sides raise marble rocks, forming a narrow gorge where the name comes more "tunnel". The height of the rocks in places reaches 250 m. The lowest part is the place "Wood Bridge" (946.5 meters), the highest peak is at The Tower (1543 m). Natural landmark Trigradsko Gorge was declared a protected area in 1963 on the east side of the imperial crown of the gorge, the cave is "Haramiiska. In eneolith cave was inhabited by the ancient inhabitants of these places. Remains of cave dwellings can be seen at the beginning of the cave. She still has not improved and brave but a local cave club organizes examination - an amazing experience. Entry was only drivers and climbing equipment such as entrance is located 20 m above the path that leads to the cave, but go through the tourists drop from a height of 42 meters of the climbing (rope) in the huge cave.