Pobiti Kamani rock phenomenon "DIKILITASH"

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Fascinating ensemble of stone columns (height to 5-6 m and a width of 0,5 to 2,5 m), hollow or solid cylinders, truncated cone shape and different size boulders. The zone extends about 18-20 km west of Varna, starting a few miles south of town Beloslav north - around the town, near Devnya works Solvey Sodi Strashimirovo village and crossing the road and the E70 motorway Hemus and ending around the villages and sunny Banovo. The most visited group was known as Central or Dikilitashka. It numbered about 300 large and small columns shaped strip 810 meters long and 115 m wide have been built of limestone sand, containing many fossils. According to scientists, they are the work of the sea and wind, and were aged around 50 million years ago, when South Eastern Europe was sea bottom.