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Located in the mountains, at 3 kilometers southwest of the village of Jagodina. The entrance to the cave for tourists is artificially made and natural entrance is 30 m above the road. Jagodina cave is one of the longest (10 km) and most interesting caves in Bulgaria and most beautiful in the Rhodopes. It consists of 5 floors as part of it is electrified and adapted for tourist visits. In the halls of the cave one can see magnificent stalactites, stalagmites and stalactones but also draperit, sinter lakes, sparkling helektiti and many other caves and rock formations. There are traces of life dating back to the Eneolithic (IV millennium BC) and also from the later Bronze Age. Open for visits are neolith homes located ten minutes from the exit of the artificial cave. Nearby is Buynovsko Gorge, located on both sides of Buinovska River, a tributary of the river Vacha. Wilder mountain waters cut through limestone rocks and have created a very beautiful natural landmark.