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Located near Brestnitsa village, 25 km from Teteven. It is called the names of brothers and Sae Seyu who are hiding here from the Turks during slavery. In the cave were found animal bones, pottery, coins dating from the Roman Empire. The first hall was purchased. Middle of the hall stands a huge Stalaktone, resembling a haystack, hence the name. Second Hall - Toppling is formed during the earthquake. It is studded with rocks, some of which have height 3.2 m. In the cave there are three beautiful rooms - Concert Hall, White Castle and Space. Concert hall has outstanding acoustics. Here are exported to many famous concert choirs. Hall Space is so called because of karst forms, resembling a missile taking off. The length of the cave is 400 meters and the temperature is constant in the halls throughout the year - from minus 7 to 11 C.