Parks and National Park Pirin

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Pirin National Park, with its amazingly beautiful, powerful and regal aspire to heaven peaks and forests, crystal clear with 176 permanent and 35 temporary ponds, leaves an unforgettable impression every tourist. The park covers 40 466.9 ha of mountain of the gods, as once the ancient Thracians and Slavs called Pirin. Its area is the largest among all protected areas in Bulgaria, but the park is crucial for the conservation of biological and landscape diversity on the Balkan Peninsula. In the territory of the park includes both natural revervata Bayuvi Djindjiritsa-holes and Ulen, 11 natural sites and 13 historic sites. Bayuvi Djindjiritsa-hole, with its six circus and woodlands of 200-300 annual black and white fir, is entered in the list of biosphere reserves of UNESCO. The landscape of the northern part of the park is a typical alpine character. Marble and granite tops, high above 2500 meters, are 79 in number, those with over 2900 high - two. One of them is the champion of the mountain - Vejen Peak (2915 m). The highest lake is Gornolezhanskoto (2715 m) and is the largest Popskata (12.6 ha at a depth of 29, 5 m).