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Ledenika cave impresses with its large size. Located in the northwestern corner, so called. Stresherski share of the Vratsa Mountain, 16 km from Vratsa. Its entrance is situated 830 meters above sea level. Accept its first guests in 1961 and in 1962 was declared a natural landmark. The temperature in the cave varies from -7 to -15 C in winter porch, and inside - to 8 C. Humidity is 92%. Cave impresses with its numerous galleries and interesting karst formations - stalactites and stalagmites dating back thousands of years. The first room is the porch - the lowest part of the cave. In winter and spring, this impressive hall with ledenokristalnata decoration, gave the name of the cave. Within a few meters, the visitor must move through the gangway Drag bent low to reach a small hall, which has an almost round shape and then one more embarrassment to himself in a large (Concert) Hall. Everything here is majestic and unique, while the Crocodile, the Giant`s Head, Falcon, Santa Claus - with a sack of gifts, house on riding hag, etc. depart right, we come to a small sinter lake - with a depth of 0.5 m, whose water is magical. In the Great Hall of iron bridges pass over the Lesser and the Great Divide, pelmet through the corridor to get to no less beautiful white room. You can see her mother tongue, wife of the great elephant, girl bathers and other phenomenal entities. The highest point of the cave Ledenika is called the Seventh Sky - accessible only to the most avid tourists.