Devil`s Throat Cave

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One of the phenomena in the Rhodopes is Trigradsko Gorge, where is the Devil`s Throat Cave. It is at a distance of 1.2 kilometers from Trigrad and is formed by a powerful tectonic movements. The name comes from the cave entrance in the form resembling a devil`s head. Huge cavity was obtained by an underground river, forming a huge hall called roaring. Roar coming from the largest underground waterfall on the Balkan Peninsula with a height of 42 m. The length of the hall is 110 meters, width - 40 meters and its height reaches 35 m. It is the largest hall in the Bulgarian caves after entry Hall of Devetashka cave - it can fit the St. Alexander Nevsky. Entrance is made from artificial gallery, 150 meters in length, during which reaches the base of the watercourse. Hence, 301 stairs will take you underground waterfall along the surface. Approximately 400 meters from the entrance to Devil`s Throat, the waters of the river podzemnotechashtata lose siphon gallery. The length of the siphon more than 150 meters, and after him in a 60-meter long gallery underground river leaves the cave and go back to the surface.