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Plovdiv, with the ancient Thracian Pulpudeva name is known at the time of Philip of Macedonia as Philipopolis. During the Middle Ages was called Philibe. It is the second largest city in Bulgaria, an important regional, economic, and cultural center trasporten. Situated in the Upper Valley on both banks of the Maritsa River on seven hills - hills (such as ancient Rome) relating to the history and mythology of the city. Legend has it that the beautiful Rhodope girl, who lived near the Maritsa river and grew ever more beautiful and pretty. God Poseidon saw her and fell in love with her. Rodopi became his wife and bore him a son Evmolpus ie good singer. Poseidon soon be full of earthly life and return to divine pursuits. The elder brother of the Rhodopes Hemus proud, angry and threw huge stones on Poseidon. Ten stone fell to the ground. Over time stones overgrown with grass and vegetation and turned into green hills. More than one hundred years in the city is held every year the International Plovdiv Fair. South of Plovdiv Bachkovo Monastery (XI century).