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holiday in Dobrich
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Dobrich is a town with centuries of history. Archaeological discoveries show that the city emerged as a settlement since ancient (IV century BC-IV c. AD). In the Middle Ages, its importance is growing, especially during the reign of Tsar Ivan Alexander, who gave the local despot ruler Dobrotitsa title. He headed Karvunskoto despotism, with its capital cape, which succeeded by his brother - Balik boyar. It is not known exactly when the area and the town fell under Ottoman rule, but the name of the despot Dobrotitsa are called not only the city of Dobrich, but the whole area Dobrudja. Today Dobrich is one of ten major cities in Bulgaria - an important administrative, economic and cultural center - the agro-industrial center and transport not only in the Dobrudja region, but also in the country. Be held in Dobrich International Youth Music Festival "Hopes, Talents, Masters", the European pop-rock competition Sarandev "National meeting of young ballet artists" Anastas Petrov, the International Youth Festival "Folk without boundaries." Dobrich town is located 40 km from the world famous resort Albena. In the middle of the field is equal Dobrudzhansko granary of Bulgaria.