Alba Grups Ltd.

Alba Grups Ltd., is a leading manufacturer of rose oil, rose water and other essential oils in Bulgaria. Our products are well known in the domestic and global market.
The company is a certified manufacturer of essential oils produced from the Oil-yielding ROSE, lavender, sage, pine, lemon balm, mint, juniper, chamomile and others. The company also offers dried flowers.
Tradition, style and quality are the basic elements of our philosophy.
We achieve them by:
• Constant care and responsibility for the condition of our plantations
• Continuous monitoring of the quality of the materials and 
   the finished product
• Careful selection of the best rose flowers
• Continuous technological, research and development work.
The overall production process, distillation, packaging and transportation are carried out pursuant to the provisions of the European Union. 
Alba Grups Ltd.
Kazanlak, Village of Skobelevo