Nature Park Bulgarka

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Natural park "Bulgarka" is located in the central part of Bulgaria, in the heart of the Balkan Mountains, and occupies an area of about 22,000 ha. In the summer of 2002 "Bulgarka" was declared a natural park.

Since its establishment until now, the aspirations of the park administration have been focused on the sustainable and environmentally friendly management of the protected territory by improving the habitat of many plant and animal species, popularizing architectural and natural values and providing more opportunities for attractive experiences and unforgettable moments amidst nature. The park enjoys an ever growing number of visitors and guests display a keen interest in two particularly attractive locations which were created under the project "Implementation of activities for planning and management of the national park "Bulgarka", namely, the Visitor Information center "Bulgarka" in the Etara residential area and the new office of the Directorate, located in the central part of the town of Gabrovo.

The educational and interpretative expositions in the halls display a nook of the forest with its inhabitants, parts of plants and mushrooms, an aquarium, which shows the difference between the decorative fish and the fish typical of the park, insects and plants, as well as representatives of the fauna of invertebrates. The place is available for students, children and nature lovers at any time of the year. A children’s adventure center is currently being created. There visitors will be able to virtually "walk" in the park, even before visiting it. The aim is to provoke guests and make them get to know nature indeed. 3D technologies will help present the routes and eco tours on the park territory, and guests will have the opportunity to ride a bicycle, find themselves in different seasons, enter caves and meet animals.

A few months ago the infrastructure elements at the info center of park "Bulgarka" were reconstructed and refurbished, a center for recycling solid household waste was created, wooden sculptures and benches were mounted along the eco trail, while the Children's Forest Park, the Museum of the Ground Squirrel and the Forest Pharmacy are just some of the facilities provided for children to play with interactive elements and an opportunity for enriching and testing their environmental awareness. The center also offers products of local producers, and as of next year all wishing to certify their “green” produce, will be able to avail of the regional brand "Bulgarka", whose elaboration is currently under way and which will be a guarantee of quality and a recognizable logo, sought by more and more tourists.