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Just in two years’ time Bulgaria will have a place on the EU health tourism map.
Bulgaria is a country with developed SPA, wellness, medical tourism, owing to its exceptional climatic and natural resources. Our modern society is under assault by a number of chronic diseases that supplement the already existing wide range of diseases brought about by the dynamic everyday life and the environmental problems faced by today’s civilisation. The economic crisis that has spread all over Europe, and its accompanying social and demographic processes, has put the question of moving medical treatment out of the United Kingdom and to the governments. The tendency of population aging, the poor financing by private insurers or by the British health system are a serious reason for people to look for less expensive treatment abroad.
The experienced healthcare staff and the low prices in countries like Poland, India and Mexico definitely turn them into attractive health tourism destinations. Bulgaria is among these countries, too.
According to the influential newspaper Independent, which bases its argument on an Economist Intelligence Unit research, the number of health tourists going on medical trips outside Britain over the last decade has reached 45 000 to 50 000.
Why do health tourists travel?
Because of need for treatment of reproductive problems, including sterility; problems with plastic surgery, dental treatment, laser eye surgery treatment, especially of cataract; need for hip (coxofemoral) joint replacement. Currently the waiting lists are desperately long.
The Health in Bulgaria programme will become a reality in 2013, when the EU Directive on the Application of Patients’ Rights in Cross-Border Healthcare, which stipulates that the costs incurred by an insured person who receives cross-border healthcare shall be reimbursed, will be fully effective.
On the other hand, the Bulgarian rehabilitation, SPA and medical tourism resorts will offer post-treatment care programmes to patients or for the relatives or friends accompanying them.
Until 2013, what remains is to wish each other health.